Poetry: limit two poems per author.

Micro Fiction: limit one piece of narrative prose (500 word maximum) per author.

Reviews of all kinds: We write in-house reviews and also publishes freelance reviews. Reviews can be of nearly anything, including music, movies, books, authors, events, etc…  See our list of review suggestions

 We conduct our own interviews, but we are also open to publishing already complete interviews. All interviews should consist of at least ten questions and a short write up. If you have a subject in mind and are unsure if we’d be interested just send a query via email.

Note on proclivities:
 Editors approach all submissions with an open mind, but the process is, of course, very subjective. With that said, we tend to lean toward low-diction free-verse that is dramatic, succinct, and displays careful tone. We like the rhyme of English poet Phillip Larkin, but prefer assonance and internal-rhyme to end rhyme. As always, it’s a good idea to read our already published material before submitting (see: editor’s selection’s).

Simultaneous submissions: We gladly accept and encourage these submissions; we do however require notice when the work has been accepted elsewhere.

Payment: Commonline does not currently pay for unsolicited submissions.

Legal: By submitting your work to Commonline you are certifying that you’ve read and agree to these statements: Privacy and Terms, Rights, Legal.

Publishing schedule:
We publish new work as on rolling basis.  In other words, we publish work frequently and have no set publication schedule or deadline.  We do, however, archive by month and author.

Send your work to common-line [at] hotmail [dot]com in the body of an email and title the subject line appropriately (e.g. “poetry submission – Your Name” or “micro-fiction submission – Your Name”, etc…). If your work requires special formatting send a query before sending an attachment. Do not send unsolicited attachments, they will be deleted. A cover letter is not required.  Please include your name and biographical information. Commonline does not publish anonymous submissions; although, we may publish anonymous letters.
Rejection and Acceptance Policies: We try to respond to all submissions which adhere to the above guidelines, but we do not offer personal criticism on all submissions. For more information see: what happens after I submit?  We accept unpublished writing and previously published writing (as long as it’s not archived electronically). We read submissions on a rolling basis. Wait time for an editorial response can be up to four months, but is often less than than four weeks, sometimes even faster.  Please note that our format includes the publication of reader comments as part of most published pieces. Honest criticisms and opinions will not be censured, however, ad hominem attacks and reckless non-sense will be removed at the discretion of the Editors.**Click here for a list of open editing positions.