About Commonline
Commonline, (also known as “Commonline Project”) was founded in 2007.  Publishing on a rolling basis, Commonline is dedicated to publishing accessible literature, interview, and review. Commonline has operated under various slogans including “Poetry for People who Don’t Like “Poetry”‘ and “Winning the Fight Against Whatever.”

The journal has published work by Pulitzer Prize winning poets, Poetry Slam Champions, Musicians of all stripes, and various literary misfits.  The journal also frequently publishes emerging authors and previously unpublished authors. Our contributors include Stephen Dunn, Lou Lipsitz, Rebecca Wolff, Anis Mojgani, Suzanne Buffam, Christopher Locke, Richard J. Martin, Lyn Lifshin, Arlene Ang, Ellen Bass, Mike Dell’Aquila, David Labounty, D.B. Cox, Justin Hyde, Rob Plath, and Tony O’Neill, among countless others.

Commonline is published from Seattle, Washington and edited by Rod Tipton.  The journal and receives regular editorial contributions from New York City, Vancouver BC, Savannah, and Tulsa.

Our original mission was to promote blue collar verse; that is, poetry written by or about, and for, the common reader, hence the name “Commonline.” Since 2007, the magazine has expanded it’s content to include diverse types of writing, although, it still places significant emphasis on the experience of the working-class person.

Approximately 30% of all the work Commonline publishes is solicted. The remaining 70% of the magazine’s content comes from unsolicited submissions and editor contributions.

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