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Alexandra, Zoe
Zoe Alexandra is a writer from New York City. Her writing has appeared in various online and print publications including Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 (Cleis Press), My Time – Lunch Book (Poet Plant Press), Zygote in My Coffee, Deconstruction Quarterly, and Silenced Press.
Hate Ashbury / Luv You” (2007)
Way Out” (2007)

2 Poems” (2008)

Anson, Greg
Greg Anson lives in Seattle, Washington.
2 Poems” (2008)

Ang, Arlene

Arlene Ang lives in Spinea, Italy. Her poetry has appeared in alice blue, Anemone Sidecar, Caffeine Destiny, DMQ Review and Staple Magazine. She received the 2006 Frogmore Poetry Prize (UK) and serves as a poetry editor for The Pedestal Magazine and Press 1.
Necks” (2007)Baldwin, Doug
Doug Baldwin drives a forklift in Minneapolis. He was a 2008 CommonLine Honorable Mention.
This Poem Isn’t About You” (2008)

Barkawitz, Mark
Mark Barkawitz has earned local and national awards for his fiction, poetry, essay, and screenwriting. He lives with his wife, has two kids in college, and breeds golden retrievers (Woof Goldens) in Pasadena, CA.
A Grade School Teacher” (2007)
2 Poems ” (2007)
2 Poems” (2008)
Wolves Howl at the Moon” (2009)Bass, EllenEllen Bass’s poetry books include The Human Line (Copper Canyon Press), named a Notable Book of 2007 by the San Francisco Chronicle and Mules of Love (BOA, 2002), which won the Lambda Literary Award. Her poems have been published in The Atlantic Monthly, The Kenyon Review, American Poetry Review and many other journals. Her non-fiction books include The Courage to Heal and Free Your Mind. She teaches in the MFA program at Pacific University and at conferences and retreats nationally and internationally. (

Ode to The God of Atheists” (2009)

Bauerlein, Luke

Luke Bauerlein tutors English full time at West Chester University. A recent graduate of West Chester, Luke has had poems published in the Mid-America Poetry Review and was a major contributor to An Evening in Winter, a collaborative spoken word poetry album due to be released this October. He was a 2008 CommonLine Noteworthy Selection.
Night Walking” (2008)Berriozabal, Luis Cuauhtemoc

Luis works in the mental health field in Los Angeles, CA. His chapbooks, Keepersof Silence and Without Peace, were published by Kendra Steiner Editions in 2007.His first book of poetry, Raw Materials, was published by Pygmy Forest Press in 2004.
Two Deaths” (2007)
Right Hook” (2007)
Get Out of My Room” (2008)
2 Poems” (2008)Browne, Melanie

Melanie Browne’s poetry has appeared in various online journals including Madswirl and Gloom Cupboard. Her first Chapbook, Heaven is a Giant Pawn Shop is available from Erbacce Press. She is a co-editor at Leaf Garden Press.
2 Poems” (2008)
2 Poems” (2009)Buffam, SuzanneSuzanne Buffam is the author of Past Imperfect (Anansi, 2005), a poetry collection which won the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award in 2006. She teaches creative writing at the University of Chicago.
Five Short Poems from Little Commentaries” (2009)

Bush, Zachary C.

Zachary C. Bush, 23, is a writer of poetry and prose. He lives in Statesboro, Georgia. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in various small press journals and e-zines including The Noneuclidean Cafe, Underground Voices, Thieves Jargon, VOX Journal, Zygote in My Coffee [# 4], R.KV.R.Y Quarterly, Word Riot, and GHOTI Magazine. He is the author of two forthcoming chapbooks through Scintillating Publications and Pudding House Publications. He is currently organizing his first full-collection of poetry.
Expelling Angels(s)” (2007)

2 Poems” (2008)

Chabrow, Bryan

Bryan Chabrow is an eighteen-year old poet, songwriter, and playwright who has been published in things such as the Susquehanna University Apprentice Writer and Poetics Noire. Bryan enjoys cute women, late night conversations and driving with the windows down. In the fall he will attend Emerson College in Boston where he will major in “Writing, literature, and publishing.”

The Pyrotechnic Poet” (2007)

Cheever-Gessaman, Lisbeth

Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman is an avid logophile and inkslinger whose obsession with words begain at the age of two. She’s an Associate Editor at CommonLine, as well as, the former Sr. Poetry Editor for Mused Literary Review. Her works have appeared in Kimera, Zuzu’s Petals andWriters Digest . She currently lives full-time in a modifed gypsy caravan traveling hither and thither in search of the eclectic esoteric. She only occasionally likes to bite.

Cox, D.B.
DB Cox can be found in the early-morning hours, bent over a Fender Stratocaster guitar, in roadhouses and juke joints throughout the south. He describes his playing style as “a look at life through drunken, godless eyes” To quiet his tortured soul, he writes. He has published four books of poetry. His first chapbook is entitled “Passing For Blue”, and is available from Rank Stranger Press. Two other chapbooks, “Lowdown” and “Ordinary Sorrows”, are available from Pudding House Publications. His latest collection called “Empty Frames” can be picked up on-line at Main Street Rag Publishing. D.B. Cox was a 2008 CommonLine Honorable Mention.
The American Way ” (2007)
Phantom in the Machinery” (2008)
The Moon Cries” (2008)
Last Chance Motel” (2009)Cronin, A.F.

A.F.Cronin was born and raised in New England where he spent many hours roaming the woods and participating in sports. He also loved to read. He attended university and studied literature which did little more that confuse him, as the highly intellectual “deconstructivist” approach seemed to drain the literature of it’s beauty and mystery.
When No One Was Watching” (2007)

Galileo’s Warning” (2008)

Cross, David

David Cross lives in Cambridge, Ontario. His writing often blends the lives and characters of his hometown with those he has encountered on journeys (both real and imagined) throughout North America. His poetry has appeared in Cause & Effect Magazine, and his collection entitled “Colour of Days” was published in book form in 2007.

Too Little” (2008)

Daly, Jessica

Jessica Daly studied English at the University of Pittsburgh and is currently a English teacher at a public high school in Philadelphia. She received the CommonLine Honorable Mention for poetry in 2008.
Two Kinds of Thirst” (2008)Daniels, Carl MillerCarl Miller Daniels’ poems have appeared in Chiron Review; FUCK!, Nerve Cowboy; Pearl; Poetry SuperHighway; Poetz; Slipstream; Strangeroad; Swell; Wormwood Review; ZenBaby; Zygote in my Coffee; and 5AM, to name a few. Daniels has had two chapbooks published in the past dozen years or so: Shy Boys at Home (published by Chiron Review Press), and Museum Quality Orgasm (published by Future Tense Books).
Political Moderate” (2009)
The CommonLine Interview: Carl Miller Daniels” (2009)

Dell’Aquila, MikeMike Dell’Aquila is the co-founder and editor of Farmhouse Magazine( He graduated from Penn State University with a BA in English and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in English at Brooklyn College. His writing has appeared in Kalliope: A Penn State Literary Magazine, Barcid Homily, The Riverside Press-Enterprise, Buckmasters Magazine, The Outdoor Channel Magazine and Farmhouse Magazine. He is also recently completed his first novel.
Doug Draime’s most recent book is “Los Angeles Terminal: Poems 1971-1980” (Covert Press). Forthcoming from Tainted Coffee Press, “Dancing On The Skids”. He has been a presence in the underground literature movement since the formative 1960’s.
2 Poems” (2007)
2 Poems” (2008)
2 Poems” (2008)
Tracks” & “Walking on Water” (2009)Dunn, Stephen

Stephen Dunn was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his collection Different Hours. He has also been a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award and has received an Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Dunn lives in Frostburg, Maryland and teaches at Richard Stockton College in New Jersey.
The CommonLine Interview: Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn” (2009)
The Lost Thing” (2009)
Ars Poetica” (2009)Gabriel, Zoë

Zoë Gabriel’s poems have appeared in Thieves Jargon, GlassFire Magazine, Grasslimb, Centrifugal Eye, Poetry Midwest, Southern Ocean Review, Oysters & Chocolate, Salt River Review, Locust Magazine, Unlikely Stories, AntiMuse and Cadenza; she has work forthcoming in Word Riot. Zoë dyes her hair, but is naturally tall. She loves books, languages, spicy food and colorful socks. She is from Europe and lives in Maryland.
Naked By Yourself” (2007)Good, Howie

Howie Good, a journalism professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz, is the author of five poetry chapbooks, Death of the Frog Prince (2004), Heartland (2007), and Apocalypse Mambo (forthcoming) from FootHills Publishing, Strangers & Angels (2007) from Scintillating Publications, and the e-book, Police & Questions (forthcoming), from Right Hand Pointing.

A Tiny Fugue for Tomarrowland” (2008)

Grant, Marcelle

Marcelle Grant is currently a senior at SUNY Fredonia and will be graduating May 2008. She plans to move to Boston, M.A. and work towards getting her Masters. In the meantime she intends to find a job in publishing, editing or communications.
Dear America” (2008)

Harding, Tom
Tom Harding is twenty eight years old and live in Northampton, England. In the little time left between working and living he writes poetry and draws. He has been published in various places including Parameter Magazine,, and

2 Poems” (2008)

Hays, KJ
KJ lives in California with his dog, Mr. Bear. Some of his publication credits include: Decomp Magazine, Yellow Mama, Gutter Eloquence, Troubadour 21, why vandalism?, and The Flea. He works easy at his love’s labor here:

Rollover Dead Call” (2009)

Henry, Robert Louis

Robert Louis Henry lives in Tennessee. To stay warm he drinks hot sauce instead of booze. He likes sitting on top of his truck and pretending to play harmonica while his radio blares in gravelly cemetery parking lots. He doesn’t voice his actual opinions in large crowds, and he prefers menthol cigarettes over just about anything. His first novella, “And the Household,” is forthcoming in 2009. His poetry is forthcoming in Night Train. Robert Louis Henry thinks nihilism sounds beautiful.
2 Poems” (2008)
Eason & Louis #3” (2009)Huffman, Benjamin

Originally from Iron Hill, Kentucky, Benjamin Huffman now resides in Chicago, IL. His rural background figures predominately in his work, focusing on traditions and communal gatherings becoming scarcely practiced in the modern world. Benjamin’s poem “A Lesson in Courtesy” was a 2007 Common Line Honorable Mention.

Hyde, Justin
Justin Hyde lives in Iowa where he works with criminals. He is a Contributing Editor atCommonLine.
2 Poems” (2007)
2 Poems ” (2007)
2 Poems” (2007)
2 Poems” (2007)
3 Poems” (2007)
3 Poems” (2008)
3 Poems” (2008)
2 Poems” (2008)

Irwin, Daniel S.
Daniel S. Irwin is an artist/writer (both a matter of opinion) working as a medic in a maximum security prison with the criminally insane (also known as the ‘supervisors’). Work published in the US and in various daring literary journals overseas which means little as each piece must stand on its own…which some have and some have been burned, shredded, and flushed away. Such is life.

2 Poems” (2008)

James, Jill

Jill James is a writer, fugitive and refugee currently living on sunny Alki Beach, Seattle. She has published in DIVA, Chronogram,, and Letter X. She was elected the Poet Laureate of New Jersey in The Burning Hearts Revolution contest and now spends all her time publicly apologizing for off-color Jersey jokes she made while growing up in Manhattan. Her latest volume of short stories entitled Death Cheaters is available for a lump sum in unmarked bills.

3 Poems” (2008)

Kepple, James Browning
James Browning Kepple is co-founder of the Mustard Bastard Poetry Syndicate, he is also a member of the board of directors for Pretend Genius Press. He is co-poet to Couplet. A native of Bartlesville Oklahoma, he calls Houston Texas his home. After spending the past year traveling through the bogs of Stockholm Sweden and the beauteous gardens of Harlem New York City, he can currently be found driving his red 1990 Corolla somewhere in southwestern Virginia.
get out of your shell” (2008)

Kaplowitz, Noah

Noah Kaplowitz detests short bios of himself as well as others. they cast him into a drooling trance similar to the experience of viewing others’ family photos. that being said, he was born and raised in Brooklyn’s Coney island. and spent time traveling through the rural Midwest. now residing in the ‘burbs outside d.c. he is attempting to raise his 2 year old daughter. he is bigger than a bread box and hates wearing socks.
3 Poems” (2007)

2 Poems” (2008)

Kilowatt, Eddie

Eddie Kilowatt has released two full length books of poetry, Manifest Density in 2006 and Carrying a Knife in to the Gunfight in fall 2007. When an address is required he lives in Milwaukee. Right now, Eddie works as a doorman and rides a 1973 BMW 750.
2 Poems ” (2007)

LaBounty, David
David LaBounty lives in suburban Detroit. He has been in the navy and has also held jobs as a bus boy, a miner, a mechanic, a reporter and a salesman. He is the author of two novels, The Perfect Revolution and The Trinity. His third novel, Affluenza, is under consideration and his first chapbook, Garage Days, will be published by Tainted Coffee Press later this year.
2 Poems” (2007)
2 Poems” (2008)
2 Pomes” (2009)Lifshin, Lyn
Lyn Lifshin has written more than 125 books and edited 4 anthologies of women writers. Her poems have appeared in most poetry and literary magazines in the U.S.A, and her work has been included in virtually every major anthology of recent writing by women.

Lemon Wind” (2009)

Blue Sunday” (2009)

Lipsitz, LouLou Lipsitz is a writer and psychotherapist living in Chapel Hill, NC. His most recent book, SEEKING THE HOOK, is being republished and will soon be available on Amazon as is his first and best known book, COLD WATER. His website is

Reading a Swedish Poet” (2009)

Locke, Christopher
Christopher Locke was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry. Born in Laconia, NH in 1968, he received an MFA from Goddard College. His poems have appeared in such magazines as The Literary Review, The Southeast Review, Connecticut Review, Tuesday; an Art Project, Alimentum, West Branch, Exquisite Corpse, Atlanta Review, RATTLE, The Chattahoochee Review, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Agenda, (U.K.), Descant, (Canada), The Stinging Fly, (Ireland), and twice on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.

New Weather” (2009)

Mason, Ben

Ben Mason lives in Portland, Oregon. He’s published fiction and poetry in Calliope, The Pacific Review, Perigee and Nomad. His first novel, Sunrise on Moonville, was published in 2005.

I Fucked a Poet” (2007)

Martin, Richard J.

Richard J. Martin, Jr. is a graduate of City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University. His stories, poems and journalism have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers and literary publications. He currently works as a grant writer for nonprofit human service agencies and as a musician for a local talent company and divides his time between San Francisco and Lakeport, California.

Margrave, Clint
Clint Margrave has published work in New York Quarterly, Spot Literary Magazine, 3AM, CommonLine, Pearl, Chiron Review, HeeltapSpillway, as well as in the anthologies So Luminous the Wildflowers, Incidental Buildings and Accidental Beauty by Tebot Bach Press. Currently, he teaches English and Creative Writing at California StateUniversity, Long Beach.

The Early Death of Men” & “Glitch” (2007)

Mo, Suchoon

Suchoon Mo is a former Korean Army Lieutenant and a retired academic living in the semiarid part of Colorado. His poems appeared in East and West, Bitter Oleander, Dissident Editions, Taj Mahal Review, Religious Humanism, Thunder Sandwich, Underground Window, Spillway Review, Subtle Tea, Stylus Poetry Journal, Malleable Jangle, Poetry Magazine, Word Riot, Word Myth, Tryst, Subterranean Quarterly, and others.
Buddha Said Nothing” (2007)

3 Poems” (2007)

Mojgani, Anis

Anis is the current (2007) World Cup Poetry Slam Champion and the2005 & 2006 National Poetry Slam Individual Champion (a back-to-back honor shared only by fellow artist Buddy Wakefield). He is also the 2006 Seattle Grand Slam Champion. Anis has been featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, National Public Radio’s ‘The Beat’, and in the documentary ‘Slam Planet: War of the Words’.

The CommonLine Interview: Spoken Word Poet Anis Mojgani” (2007)

O’Neill, Tony
O’Neill is the writer of the modern underground classic, “Digging the Vein” which was published in 2006. The story is based upon his own experiences as a heavy drug abuser in LA. At the time he lived the stereotypical heroinists’ life to its edge, but it was also cocaine and several other drugs that got him in this shape.

3 Poems” (2007)

Plath, Rob
Rob Plath is 37 years. He has published about 150 poems in 50 magazines and journals in print and online. He has one book of poetry called “Ashtrays and Bulls” (liquid paper press–home of the nerve cowboy) and two forthcoming, one from Cat Scan Press in the UK called “Sour Milk” for the soulless and another from Pooka Press in Canada which is not yet titled. He once studied with Allen Ginsberg at Brooklyn College from ’95-97 and performed on a spoken word CD “Northport celebrates jack” –a tribute to Jack Kerouac. Since he has just become poetry editor of Whirligigzine – JD Finch’s fiction and poetry magazine, which is in print and online. Rob lives in New York.
2 Poems” (2007)
3 Poems” (2007)
 3 Poems” (2008)
One Upmanship in Suburbia” & “My Words are War Whoops Against the Womb” (2009)Rainwater-Lites, Misti

Misti Rainwater-Lites has published numerous poetry collections and novels at She has chapbooks available from Kendra Steiner Editions, Erbacce Press, Scintillating Publications and Tainted Coffee Press.
Snails and Clouds” (2007)

Cooking Up a Storm” (2008)

Reilly, Andrew

Andrew Reilly lives in Chicago where he writes early and writes often for publications such as Jargon, No Touching, and The Onion A.V. Club, among others, and shows off at
Hero” (2008)

Riippi, Joseph
Joseph Riippi is a contributing editor at CommonLine. Born and raised in Seattle, he now lives in New York City where he is working on an MFA. Recent writing appears in The Bitter OleanderThe Brooklyn Rail, New Delta Review, and Salamander. His first novel, Do Something! Do Something! Do Something!, is forthcoming summer/fall 2009 from Ampersand Books.
Criticism: 5 Pieces” (2007)

2 Poems” (2007)

Rogers, Annie G.

Annie G. Rogers is a poet, as well as a writer of memoir and fiction. She has published two books that combine her clinical work in psychoanalysis with memoir: A Shining Affliction, andThe Unsayable. She has edited a volume of short fiction and memoir writing from her workshops with writers in Ireland, Charlie’s Chasing the Sheep. She is currently working on a book of poems, Approximate Names. She is Professor of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychology at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.
Feathered Alphabet” (2009)
Shorb, Michael
Michael Shorb’s work reflects a satirical focus on present day trends and events. His poems have appeared in The Nation, The Sun, Michigan Quarterly Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, Rattle, and European Judaism, as well as other publications and anthologies.

Warning Label” & “Crime Scene” (2009)

Talley, Dustin Orin

Dustin Orin Talley is a poet and novelist who lives and works in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His poetry has been published both online and in print, but his work is found easiest at
Dictionary” (2007)

Tate, Julie M.
Julie M. Tate lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She’s a freelance artist and journalist. Her poetry has been featured in The Great American Poetry Show and others. He blog is called Gossip and the Devil. Julie is CommonLine’s Literary/Music Editor.
Placebo Lose Battle with Hope” (2009)
The Smashing Pumpkins: If All Goes Wrong (and How to Come Back When it Does)” (2009)
Quick Fiction: Snapshots in a Spoonful of Time” (2009)
The Last Dance” (2009)Tipton, Rod
Rod Tipton is a writer and filmmaker as well as the editor of Commonline. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
My Father in a Motel” & “Bar Music” (2009)
“Those Who Ruled Us” (2010)

Toruno, Sara
Sara Toruno teaches English at San Jose City College and lives in San Francisco. She is also the Poetry Review Editor for Boxcar Poetry Review, and her poetry has appeared in Ginosko, Temenos, Monday Night, Artistic Rights, and Perigee. Sara’s poem “Erzebet Bathory’s Hazel Tree” was a CommonLine Honorable Mention in 2007 and her poem “St. Stephen’s Church” was a CommonLine Noteworthy Selection in 2008.

St. Stephen’s Church” (2008)

Veronneau, Joseph

Joseph Veronneau has been published around the small press since 1998. He runs Scintillating Publications, a chapbook publishing press.
2 Poems ” (2007)
“Late Ride” in: Shorts by Joseph Veronneau; Edited by Richard Wink (2008)

Wilken, Dennis P.
Dennis P. Wilken is a veteran journalist and former writer for Cincinnati Magazine. Most recently his poetry has appeared in Word Riot, Madswirl and his editorials in Pacific Publishing publications.  His last chapbook, Sweat Off the Diamond, was published in 2009. He lives in Seattle, Washington where he is the Poetry Editor of Commonline.
Riding; Falling” (2008)
3 Poems” (2008)
3 Poems” (2008)
Broken Lives – Dementia One” (2009)
Know Thyself” (2009)
Race Relations – a Portrait in Motion” & “Seven Years Bad Luck” (2009)
“Seeing Myself Naked” (2010)Wolff, RebeccaRebecca Wolff is the author of three books of poetry, most recently The King (W. W. Norton, 2009). Her novel The Beginners is forthcoming in 2011 from Riverhead Books. She is the founding editor of Fence and Fence Books, and a fellow at the New York State Writers Institute. She lives in Athens, New York.
Man Tits” & “A Libertine in Albany” (2009)

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