Privacy & Terms

Privacy Policy
Commonline will never sell or make public your information to any third party. We believe in total privacy. Any information Commonline obtains from you will be used strictly to promote your writing. If we happen to not use your work it will be destroyed along with any information you may have provided us. We will however add you to our mailing list and send you updates about CommonLine. We are doing our best to keep your confidence.

Editorial Statement
By submitting your work to Commonline you are agreeing that all such work is original and that you are the author of the work. By submitting you are agreeing not to hold Commonline liable for any legal damages which may result from the publication of the submitted piece(s). In addition, by submitting to Commonline you agree that Commonline may publish your submission, in whole, or in part, after notifying you via email at the address from which the submission was originally sent. Finally, by submitting to Commonline you are agreeing that you’ve read and understand the “terms and conditions” as detailed above and below.

Editing & Formatting
We lightly edit some submissions. Editors assume that you expect your writing to be edited slightly. If you wish to approve of small edits before publication please say so in your submission, otherwise we will freely edit your work. If we ever need to edit writing heavily or make any significant change we will contact the writer first. If you see a mistake in a piece that we’ve published just send a note via email and we will be more than happy to make the correction.

If the content of your work relies on special formatting we will make our best effort to accommodate it. However, our HTML platform is a blunt instrument and some or all of it may be lost.