Read the Commonline Interview with Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Dunn and an essay from Michael Cirelli, the Executive Director of Urban Word NYC and the author of Vacations on the Black Star Line, about hip-hop poetics, race & the ivory tower.
Check out ‘NINA SING’, a lyrical poem by Ra Scionas well as new poetry from Howie Good, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, William Doreski, James Robison, Ivan Jenson, M.P. Powers, John Grochalski, among many others.

Take two minutes and read ‘THE RIVER’, a new piece of micro-fiction by Charles Watts.
Also take in ‘MUD’, a piece of micro- fiction by Caleb JW Brasset.

Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman reviews Garry Thomas Morse’s ‘After Jack’ and
‘Geisha Smoke Break’ @ Venture77

Julie M. Tate considers the merits of the online journal Quick Fiction.

Plus, we give a nod of our head to the triumphs of Underground hip hop and attempt to shed some light on Youtube’s historical side.

Forthcoming in Commonline: ‘LEAP’ by Jennifer Hurley, ‘LAST NOTE’ by Justin Hyde, ‘ON WHY I QUIT USING’ by Christopher Locke,  and ‘CROSSWORD CANNIBAL IN C-MAJOR’ by Kyle Hemmings.
Read a letter from the publisher (Coming Soon!).
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